Advanced Professional Sales For Cosmetics

Advanced Professional Sales for Cosmetics is taught by Daniel Thompson and open to any member of the trade who has successfully completed Professional Sales for Cosmetics.

An 8 hour program with a proven history of turning students into world class salespeople – an extension of Professional Sales for Cosmetics. Students completing this course will emerge with enhanced technical skills including, turning a “no” into a “yes” in sales, client anticipation, pre-appointment sales preparation, overcoming client objections to price, quality, and formula, building repeat retail business and increasing per unit sales.

After successful completion of the course students will receive $100 (retail value) of DTB products.


 New business development methods

 Analytical and questioning skills

 Business intelligence

 Customer knowledge

 Objection handling skills

 Coming to agreement methods

 Persuasive sales presentations

 Focusing on questioning techniques

 Objection handling methods

*PREREQUISITE:  Professional Sales for Cosmetics

5 False Cosmetics Sales Pitches


Advanced Professional Sales For Cosmetics
600.00 CAD