Cosmetic Chemistry

Cosmetic Chemistry is a certification course taught by Daniel Thompson and open to all members of the trade. A 24 hour program with a proven history of turning students into knowledgeable cosmetics professionals for spas and salons. Students completing this course will emerge with enhanced understanding of the performance of products, ingredients and the ability to evaluate the retail offering for clients.

After successful completion of the course students will receive a professional designation certificate and $500 (retail value) of DTB products. 


Comprehensive Overview of the Following Topics Will be Covered

 Regulatory Agencies Guidelines

 Product testing

 Advertising Restrictions

 Cosmetics vs. Drugs

 The Skin – Biology

 The Skin - Functions/Types/Analysis

 Fitzpatrick Scale

 Natural vs. Synthetic Ingredients

 pH Scale

 Bacteria and Bacterial Life Cycles


 Infection Prevention/Best Practices

 Cosmetics Categories

 Cosmetic Construction

 Cosmetic Ingredients

 Olfactory System

 Aroma Classes

 Fragrance Distillation/Manufacturing

Ingredients To Watch

Cosmetic Chemistry
1,600.00 CAD