Freelance Make Up Artistry

Freelance Make Up Artistry is a certification course taught by Daniel Thompson and open to all members of the trade . A 24 hour program with a proven history of turning students into full-time professional makeup artists. Students completing this course will emerge with a wide range of skills and the ability to step straight into professional situations, delivering creative solutions for a wide array of clients. 

After successful completion of the course students will receive a professional designation certificate and $500 (retail value) of DTB products.


  Identifying the commercial and professional equipment, tools, materials and products used in makeup application

  Understanding the basics of skin structure, skin care and makeup subject preparation

  Analyzing bone structure and face shapes

  Correcting various facial shapes with contouring, shading and highlighting

  Selecting makeup products based on proper analysis of skin tones and undertones

  Understanding colour theory, seasons and tones

  Demonstrating a basic makeup application sequence

  Understanding the purpose, selection and application of foundation, correction, concealer and powder for different ethnic groups, ages, skin tones and skin types

  Applying cheek colour for day and evening looks

  Shaping of eyebrows and selecting appropriate eyebrow makeup for application

  Analyzing eye shapes and applying makeup for correction

  Analyzing lip shapes and applying makeup for correction

  Understanding the basic principles of light and makeup

  Demonstrating application of daytime and evening makeup

Video Make Up Tutorials


Freelance Make Up Artistry
1,600.00 CAD