Inventory Management

Inventory Management is taught by Daniel Thompson and open to all members of the trade. A 24 hour course with a proven history of turning students into full-time professional buyers for small businesses. Students completing this course will emerge with hard, real world management skills which will effectively control costs while maximizing ROI on inventory.

After successful completion of the course students will receive $500 (retail value) of DTB products.


  Easily classify inventory categories using the perpetual inventory system

  Determine what to order, when to order and how much to order — and what to do with it all upon arrival

  Introduce techniques to improve inventory turns

  Ensure forecasting tools are determining the right count frequency — every time

  Understand how Open To Buy porcedures will benefit the organization

  Identify the inventory cost structure that best fulfills the company's size, structure and processes

  Consistently come away with clear numbers of inventory turnover and discover trends those numbers could be indicating

  Eliminate the chaos and clutter of blind counts

  Calculate the cost of carrying inventory — and deal with the inventory that takes up valuable warehouse space but never moves

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Inventory Management
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